CrossFit Black Out is now open.

Free WOD every Saturday at 9 am

 You do not need to be a member to attend! Bring your friends!

No previous experience required. Come see what CrossFit is all about!

On-Ramp program: Runs twice a month, call for schedule.

Required to become a CrossFit Black Out Member. $50 One week intensive course, over three days, to teach you our core principles and fundamentals, designed to help you learn the skills needed to participate in CrossFit safely! The on-ramp is limited to 5 students each week. You must register and pay in advance in order reserve a spot. Registration is non-refundable and all classes are mandatory. If you miss a class you will be required to schedule a personal training session at an additional cost. 

CrossFit Black Out Classes:  

Our pricing is for Unlimited CrossFit classes, this means you are entitled to come to as many classes per week, as many times per month as you want. You will also have a swipe card and can come in for open gym, 24/7, plus all our VIP classes. This membership is for you alone, no guests.

This membership is month to month and has no sign up fees or contracts.

You must have completed the On-ramp course to be eligible for this membership.  

Unlimited month: $109

Unlimited tanning with paid CrossFit membership add $10

Schedule: This is a beginning schedule and we will add classes as needed. Please make suggestions if you need a different time. I will happily add more sessions when I know what you are looking for. 

Monday: CF WOD 5 am, CF WOD 6 am,  CF WOD 6 pm, On Ramp 7 pm

Tuesday: CF WOD 5 am, ROMWOD 5:30pm, CF WOD 6 am, CF WOD 6 pm, Boxing 7 pm

Wednesday: CF WOD 5 am, CF WOD 6 am, Train Insane 5:15 pm, CF WOD 6 pm, On Ramp 7 pm

Thursday: WOD MAKE UP DAY...9 am, and 5 pm. 

Friday:  CF WOD 5am,  CF WOD 6 am, CF WOD 6 pm.

Saturday: CF WOD 8 am, FREE Community WOD 9 am, CF WOD 10 am, On Ramp 11 am

Also available to you are the VIP classes, to include, Boot Camp, PIYO, POUND, Sufferfest, ROMWOD, Toning/Abs, Zumba. 


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